Saturday, December 28, 2013



Chris Weidman checked a kick from Anderson Silva at which point Anderson's leg folded like something out of a cartoon. His leg is destroyed.

Joe Rogan had said during commentary that after the first win, Chris Weidman's BJJ coach John Danaher had said immediately that he didn't like the way he was getting kicked. Apparently they fixed that issue.

UFC 168 And The Main Fights So Far

Travis Brown Via TKO / KO over Josh Barnett

With a brutal knee followed up by vicious elbows in the attempted takedown after he ate the knee.

Ronda Rousey Via ARMBAR! over Meisha Tate

The armbar came after Ronda brutalized Meisha for a round and a half.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 Year of The Upset

GSP wins the decision over Hendricks unfairly

Chael yet again gets mugged by another black guy

Rory McDonald doesn't fail to disappoint and gets loses a decision to Lawler

Cerrone Triangle taps Dunam

I really can't believe Hendricks lost the decision, I really thought he won. I'd call bullshit but... Blah!

Oh and GSP semi retired... what? I don't know.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

UFC 162: Anderson Silva Vs. Chris Weidman

AND THE NEW..................!!!!!!!!!!!

 UFC Middleweight Champion.

Chris Weidman!

He beat Anderson Silva in the 2nd round via KO with a left hook. Anderson played around, didn't protect himself properly and payed the price.

In the post fight interview The Spider says he will not participate in the rematch with Weidman, which Weidman promptly offered in his own post fight interview. As a big Silva fan I am still in shock but that IS what happens when you don't take fights seriously.

I would say that based on all the interviews leading up to this fight I wouldn't be surprised if he was caught for gambling fraud due to throwing the fight. If I were him I might have thought about doing it, the winning purses in the UFC are just not that good compared to the ones in professional boxing.

Now whats next for The Spider? only "The Spider Knows"

As for Weidman, all I can say at the moment is congratulations!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bioshock Infinite Shocked Me!

I haven't played AND BEAT a single player game in a long time, mostly because I can't get into them. I tend to play more open ended type of games or games that I can take my time with i.e. obviously Skyrim and Farcry 3 or MMO's. In this case, not only did the game come free with my purchase of an AMD 7870 but I had heard nothin' but love for it.

So I'm playing the game and the graphics look nice. The card performs awesome, not a single crash in
1680 x 1050 at Max.

What I noticed and didn't like right away is that I have no real inventory unlike Skyrim. I get over that quickly. What I also notice is that I can only have 2 types of Guns on me at any particular time. I get over that as well. I notice things, like zones and level designs, these things I have not had to deal with in the past few years. I remembered way back to the days when I played Mario World and once I passed a level I COULD NEVER GO BACK (Golem Voice).
Not that much different then "Missions" in any other FPS like Call of Duty or similar types games. Though a little different from Call of Duty types since after I killed mostly everyone in a zone I could backtrack to a certain extent to look for goodies I had missed. Also, they warn you when it won't be possible to return to a set of zones. Short story, there were no cons that made me say UNACCEPTABLE FAILURE!

What I noticed and like immediately were the powers. OH MY THE POWERS aka Vigors. They way the NPC's reacted to them, and sometimes they way the powers interacted with specific objects in the world, i.e. the oil on the ground light on fire when you molten rock that bitch up. The diversity in the FPS gameplay where you can reach higher ground positions with that fancy rail hook device is something I enjoyed. Just getting around via rail transportation felt pretty fun. Having an NPC companion ("Elizabeth") was weird for a second, that is, until she became absolutely useful. Throwing me salts and ammo at opportune times. I've never been a fan of the whole "picking up ammo as you go through levels" idea, but this game made it fun. Fuck you MASS EFFECT for inserting "Heat Cartridges" into gameplay... It made no sense! More so because the first game had a cooldown / overheating mechanism which you'll all remember. ANYWAYS!

The story was fun, if somewhat over reaching for complexity, the gameplay was fun, the graphics were very nice, the voice actors made dialog a pleasure to listen to. I could have skipped a lot of the religious speechy preachy stuff but the game and it's story made hearing it quite necessary or at the very least it helped immersion.

All in all, the game is what it is and it is pretty nice. Even with my general dislike of shooters, and of the mechanics and formula involved in such games, I found this story of Dewitt to be a Delight.

My Rating (8 - 9.5) / 10

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nvidia (EVGA GTX 660) and.... Damn!

I'm on my 5th video card for a current build I've been tinkering with for the last 8 months. The build centers around an Intel DP67BG board. I was looking for a card to perform somewhere in the neighborhood of it's ATI / AMD competitor. My understanding whas that it would have roughly compared to a 7870 or a 6950 type card, it also offered a free copy of METRO: LAST LIGHT so it was a no brainer and I bought it. A secondary reason was to try out the PhysX.

I bought the card, and as usual it arrived 2-3 days earlier than Amazon said it would. Amazon service is excellent, as UPS does not mishandle the shipments of large companies, if you are a residential customer though, you might want to pack your shipments in anti-gravity / anti-stomp material.

The card arrived, I reformatted an SSD and used a brand new Western Digital Black Hard Drive. The card failed to perform with either drive. I got laggy video playback and terrible FPS in the new Free 2 Play MMO Neverwinter. When I say Terrible FPS I mean 3-12 FPS.

I am currently in the process of returning the GTX 660 to go with what I've had more luck with, that is to say, another AMD card. Haven't decided on what to get yet but I'm learning towards that AMD 7850.

My advice when experiencing issues with any specific part is to ditch it / get the refund. I spent about 2 days trying to get this card to perform, going through multiple settings and tests. Don't waste the time, if it takes that much to get it to work it's just not worth the effort. Even if it's your main hobby, all you'll learn from it is that you need to have a printer ready to make the slip for the UPS guy when he shows up for the Amazon refund pickup.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oblivion (2013) 7.5 / 10

I watched the new Tom Cruise Movie Oblivion and I really liked it. It was a pretty nice Sci-Fi flick with some action. Reminds me a little of Pandorum and Moon.

I'll try to put the movie in a nutshell. Tom Cruise aka Jack Harper and his female companion are the last humans left on earth. They remain there to provide maintenance and security for giant water / energy harvesters that are or seem to be necessary for human survival and the terraforming of Saturn's moon Titan.

Security from what? Aliens tried to invade in the past, they were defeated and the remnant forces seem to be perpetrating gorilla warfare on the water / energy harvesters. Just watch the damn trailer.

While not as awesome as Minority Report, it's still a pretty good movie. Unlike movies such as Host Oblivion has a more polished and adult setting, combine that with a much more science fiction type of environment and we have ourselves one of the better movies of 2013. 

Check out the trailer below

Which reminds me. I watched Jack Reacher the previous day and I enjoyed that also. If you feel like hitting back to back Tom Cruise movies then here you go.