Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: X-MEN Days of Future Past

Straight down to business, X-MEN Days of Future Past might be the best X-MEN movie made thus far and while it lacked in the complicity and action that I would have liked to have seen from a superhero / time travel movie it was still enjoyable from start to finish.

The action that was in the movie, at least, the scenes in the future were brutal, definitely merciless towards the losing side. It did leave me wanting to see more, more mutants, more sentinels, wished apocalypse had been squeezed in there somewhere.

It felt like the focus of the movie was, unjustly, directed at the big Hollywood stars, (Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister, Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman) rather than making a more sound plot we could truly get behind. In comparison to the similar plots from the 90's cartoon, which the new movie universe doesn't support, I felt the movie's plot was a bit weaker.

This is a comparison blog I just ran across

This movie, combined with the previous films, finally allows the viewer to feel attached to the X-MEN characters in a way we previously might not have felt due to the short amount of screen time the actor had in the past. Actually, Colossus still didn't get that much screen time, SPOILER! He had quite the "heroic" death though.

That said, it was a great X-MEN movie and I would easily give it 7.5 out of 10

After Thought:

Those sentinels were pretty badass, I think quite in line with Nimrod in a lot of ways.

Saturday, December 28, 2013



Chris Weidman checked a kick from Anderson Silva at which point Anderson's leg folded like something out of a cartoon. His leg is destroyed.

Joe Rogan had said during commentary that after the first win, Chris Weidman's BJJ coach John Danaher had said immediately that he didn't like the way he was getting kicked. Apparently they fixed that issue.

UFC 168 And The Main Fights So Far

Travis Brown Via TKO / KO over Josh Barnett

With a brutal knee followed up by vicious elbows in the attempted takedown after he ate the knee.

Ronda Rousey Via ARMBAR! over Meisha Tate

The armbar came after Ronda brutalized Meisha for a round and a half.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 Year of The Upset

GSP wins the decision over Hendricks unfairly

Chael yet again gets mugged by another black guy

Rory McDonald doesn't fail to disappoint and gets loses a decision to Lawler

Cerrone Triangle taps Dunam

I really can't believe Hendricks lost the decision, I really thought he won. I'd call bullshit but... Blah!

Oh and GSP semi retired... what? I don't know.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

UFC 162: Anderson Silva Vs. Chris Weidman

AND THE NEW..................!!!!!!!!!!!

 UFC Middleweight Champion.

Chris Weidman!

He beat Anderson Silva in the 2nd round via KO with a left hook. Anderson played around, didn't protect himself properly and payed the price.

In the post fight interview The Spider says he will not participate in the rematch with Weidman, which Weidman promptly offered in his own post fight interview. As a big Silva fan I am still in shock but that IS what happens when you don't take fights seriously.

I would say that based on all the interviews leading up to this fight I wouldn't be surprised if he was caught for gambling fraud due to throwing the fight. If I were him I might have thought about doing it, the winning purses in the UFC are just not that good compared to the ones in professional boxing.

Now whats next for The Spider? only "The Spider Knows"

As for Weidman, all I can say at the moment is congratulations!